Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Photography: Your First Wedding

Isn’t it amazing when you see a candid wedding photo, and in that moment right there, you have seen how the groom gives his bride the look of awe, his eyes expressing his immense love for her? And then you realize, wow, the person behind the camera must really be an expert to capture such a breathtaking moment! And then it hits you. You are suddenly fascinated at photography, especially capturing moments on a wedding. Being a wedding photographer is an enjoyable work especially when it is your passion. There are numerous people who use wedding photography as their livelihood. Not only do they earn money from something they are really good at, it also adds to their pride for being able to capture the moments of one of the most momentous events of one’s life.

Are you one of these people who are interested at wedding photography but doesn’t have a single idea about it? If so, here are some useful tips and advices that could help you as you enter the world of wedding photography:

  1. Gather all the necessities you need for your photography. Make sure your camera batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned, and most importantly, make sure your card has enough memory to store all the photos you’re about to capture. You could miss the opportunity of capturing astonishing wedding moments just because your storage is already full.
  2. Dress to impress. Just because you’re not the focus of the event doesn’t mean you could just wear anything you like, no matter how unpleasant you look. Make yourself presentable and professional. A person’s first impression is usually based on how they look, don’t look sloppy! You’re representing yourself and your brand, so make sure you look neat.

In conducting groom/bride coverage, there are a handful of considerations you need to check. Below are lists of the things you need to consider in wedding photography:

  • Make sure that the people are calm and comfortable to work with you. Otherwise, the output may not turn out successful and attention-grabbing to the crowd if your subjects look tensed.
  • The most important factor you need to consider is the lighting. Find the spot where lighting is best and the background is less distracting.
  • Before shooting, explain first the details and the scenes they are about to act out. Make sure they have understood the details of each scene so they could execute it correctly. Also, make sure the scenes are atmospheric.

So those are some of the tips that may help you become a good Melbourne wedding photographer. Follow these tips, and you will surely become one of the greatest wedding photographers ever. You will certainly be happy with results of it. That is all! It is not that hard at all, right? You just need to remember the dos and don’ts and apply the tips to make your photos worth-keeping. Hope this has guided you throughout your journey as a wedding photographer.