Buying and Selling Commercial Property

When looking to buy or sell a business property, it is best to have a lawyer who will guide you through the process. We’ve all heard of cases where people were conned into buying property that didn’t exist or being issued with fake documents of ownership-I’m sure you don’t want to be a victim. Commercial lawyers are the ones involved in the buying and selling of commercial or business property. Here at A.L.F Lawyers, we have well trained and qualified lawyers who have proven themselves competent without reasonable doubt. So what do we do exactly?

  • Pre-Contract

Before we get to the property, you will have to discuss the property with the lawyers. Our lawyers will then take time to research on the property, find all its legal documents and background information. Background information is really important, considering this could be your lifetime investment-you don’t want to put it to waste. We know you are not an expert in this, and that is why we have our commercial lawyers represent you in negotiations. We work for you and therefore we seek the best deal. At this early stage, our lawyers will start preparing the contract as it is supposed to be. There are various components that have to be in a legally binding document and that’s why it is best you let our professionals handle this.

  • Property Settlement and Transfer

Now the contract is ready and we need to let in the sellers. Most of the time, sellers also have solicitors or fellow commercial lawyers to represent them. Here’s a part you should consider when you want to buy the property by yourself-you will have to deal with a professional lawyer from the seller’s side, which would probably not go well for you. Your lawyer will contact the bank and handle the transfer process smoothly. We are not done yet, and it is clear that this will be really stressful if you were to handle it on your own. The best part is, our lawyers have done this for a while, and therefore they’ll give you advice on the best alternatives if the deal is not good or if the bank rates aren’t favorable. Proposals for potential partnership will still be handled by your lawyer.

As experts in the field, we’ve come to understand that most people who buy business properties always do it as a means of investment, and therefore we strive to give them the best deals to save on cash and reap more profits later. No need to worry, our commercial lawyers will be with you all the way. We work for you.