Questions Best Asked Before Hiring Cold Rooms

Need cold rooms for your hospitality business, party or event? You know for a fact that there are a lot of businesses in Australia that are qualified to service your need of a cold room. Before you fill up a form or finalize your hire, it is necessary that you throw important and necessary information […]

Different Types Of Commercial Fridges

If you are planning to start a food business, then the first thing that you should buy is a commercial fridge. Even if it is just a catering business and you are not really putting up a business establishment, like you only advertise online or just do the business in your own home, for sure […]

Coffee Grinder –All you need to know

Coffee is a beverage brewed from roasted, ground coffee bean and is one of the popular beverages worldwide. Once roasted, the coffee beans have to be ground to make the powder that is then used to brew coffee. Before the invention of coffee grinders, the coffee beans were ground by manually pounding them between two […]

Dishroom Accessories For Every Commercial Kitchen

If your commercial kitchen dishes out cups of beverages each day, you will naturally need a sturdy cup rack too. Cup racks protect your precious porcelain cups during wash so that these come out clean, dry and without any chips or scratch. The racks have multiple compartments that hold each cup on its end. They […]

Useful Features of Pass-through Dishwashers

A kitchen is a place which is always a cauldron of activities. It is indeed a busy place. A certain level of perfection is always expected from such places. Gone are the days of the under counter common dishwashers. Try to choose the highly efficient and powerful pass- through dishwashers. These highly efficient washing wares […]

Common Types of Glasswashers Used in the Food Industry

If you work in the food industry then you must have had access to a couple of glass washers and dishwashers. When the mid day or the weekend rush is on there is really no way you can cope with serving the customers in time and wash the dishes. The obvious answer is to invest […]