3 Security Features to Look for in a Point of Sale System

Security is one of the primary concerns today’s, especially in restaurants and product-based businesses. A point of sale system needs to have a few security features to protect itself from hackers and people who are trying to get confidential information from proprietors and customers unscrupulously. Here are some of these much-needed protections that you may want for yourself.

Secure Credit Card Processing

The top security requirement that you need to ask from any developer is secure credit card processing. This means that the transaction done using a credit card needs to be impervious from any hacking attempt, including any ways to “listen” and tap into the transaction. There have been multiple attempts to do so by shady people. It’s hard, but not impossible, especially if the interception happens from an unsecured system.

In addition, the push for better safeguards from credit card fraud has become an important step towards reducing the number of counterfeits. This means the point of sale system needs to be ready to accept such updates to help work many security issues away.

Electronic Signature Capture

Another of the emerging secure methods of on-account business transactions is electronic signature capture. What this does is allow people to sign on a touch screen device using a multitouch pen, allowing for their seal to be appended on top of a digital document. This is advantageous in many ways, especially for businesses that deal with bulk orders and deliveries.

It reduces the amount of paper trail that comes out of every transaction, which can become very expensive and hard to store for many start-up businesses with a premium on space. It speeds up the transaction as there’s no paper to print and no need for triplication. Finally, it allows for a secure audit trail where access can be limited to, which can help in the event of a dispute.

Serial Number Tracking

Finally, another good point of the sale system secure point that businesses can use is serial number tracking. Not only does a serial number system help with the inventory control, allowing you to know which products are allocated for who and where, but also allows you to know where things go to in transactions.

This is perfect for products that would require eventual tracking, which includes computer hardware, computer software and some other products that may eventually need cataloguing.  Check out http://dsoft.com.au/ for more information.