How to Start a Party Hire Business

Do you like to organize events, or have fun at parties? Do you keep up to date with the latest parties that are going on out there? Do you have an inner desire to be a great party planner? Well if the answers are yes to all the above then you are on your way to start a party hire company. Following these steps you will be ready to be a fully registered and functional party hire business


Step 1

Try to host a small party with you and a couple of friends. If your friend is having a small party like a birthday or anniversary or any celebration ask to be in charge of the whole event to see if you are good at it. Take full reign of the event by coming up with themes, hiring the catering and lastly taking care of all the nitti gritty. At the event be on call to make sure everyone is comfortable and answer to any problem that is there.

Step 2

Research your market and see what you can provide at a small scale level. Look at what other Perth party hire companies that are doing and see if you can emulate them at a small scale level or how you can improve them. See what is best in your area, weddings, office parties or just children’s parties. In your research you should include demographics, your location where you will be working in and how much you will need to start the business

Step 3

Creating a business plan is the hardest thing to do but it is what you have to get to next. Your party hire company will need a business plan. As it’s more of the business language in which you don’t understand coming up with one is difficult especially if you don’t have any experience in business or in the education of it. Luckily there are online templates in which you can add your details without going through too much thinking your business plan should include how you will run your business, a company description, marketing and sales, market analysis and a brief description of your organization.

Step 4

You will need capital for your party hire company. This involves raising the necessary capital for buying or leasing equipment. You will need a good amount of money to rent an office and if you will be working from home you will still need money for transportation, making business cards, advertising and marketing. To get money you can go to a local bank with your business plan to see whether they can finance you or go to family and friends who will be willing to support your ideas. It is normally hard to ask for money from friends but with a persistent attitude you will be able to do it.

Step 5

This involves getting the necessary licenses and permits to start a business. As you would like to follow the rules and be a good citizen getting a permit from your local government gives you a legitimate business that people can trust. With this you will also be able to access things like insurance, loans and any other legal requirement that you could be in need off.