5 Poses You Should Try at Photo Booths

It’s time to retire the simple smile and think of other poses to make the most out of photo booths. You and your friends can get awesome pictures with the following poses:

  • The Peace Sign

The most common pose girls do for any picture is the peace sign. It symbolizes you come in good spirits. When women are talked into posing for a photo all of a sudden, they would smile and hold up a peace sign. For those who don’t know how to do it, you just have to raise your pointer and middle finger in one hand.

  • The Thumbs Up Sign

The most common pose for guys is the thumbs up sign. It means they approve of the event’s festivities. Most guys even do it with both hands.

  • The Salute

You don’t have to be soldiers to do the salute. It is a symbol of acknowledging the person in front of you has a higher status. When you do it in a photo booth, you acknowledge the photo booth company is doing a good job.

  • Tongue Out

For those who want a wacky pose, putting your tongue out is a way to do it. To make it even more silly, do this while you open your eyes very wide.

  • Call Me

Making your hand resemble a phone by putting out your thumb and your pinky then putting it beside your ear is another often-used pose. It is used more often by guys than girls.

If you bring out your creative side, you can think of more poses to do in an iBooth photo booth hire Sydney. The more creative you get, the bigger attention you will have. That would be great because everyone loves being the center of attention.

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