Why You Should Stay at Moonbay Marina Leisure Beach Resort

There are many resorts at Subic, but none is as impressive as Moonbay Marina Leisure Beach Resort. Pictures don’t do justice to how magnificent this resort truly is. You’ll have to see it to truly appreciate its beauty. Here are some reasons why you should spend your next vacation in this wonderful place:

Great Location

You won’t have a hard time looking for Moonbay Marina Leisure Beach Resort. The road going there isn’t rough too. Since it is located in Subic, it’s also close to places you’d want to visit such as tourist spots, convenience stores, renowned restaurants and shopping malls. Best of all, you’ll see a wonderful view when you look outside your room as this resort is near Subic Bay.

Accepts Cards

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the spot when you decide to stay at Moonbay Marina Leisure Beach Resort. They accept credit cards, so you can worry about paying for your room at another time. There’s no doubt you’ll lean towards resorts that offer flexible payment options over those that only accepts cash.

Wonderful Pool

There’s a reason why a lot of people have raved about how great their pool is. It looks awesome in pictures and it looks even better in person. The pool is so big, you can do laps here if you’re a seasoned swimmer. It’s also regularly maintained. Of course, you must wear proper swimming attire when going to the pool.

There’s no question you’ll get awesome food and outstanding service when you stay at Moonbay Marina Leisure Beach Resort in Subic Bay. Of course, you just need to book at the right time. After all, you can’t blame the place if you decided to book at a time when there’s a storm outside. Once you give them a call, their courteous staff would be glad to address all your concerns.